Rainshow'r Crystal Ball Bath 3000

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Rainshow'r Crystal Ball Bath 3000
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Price: $40.48
Product ID : rsr 3000
Manufacturer: Rainshow'r
Weight: 0.80 lbs
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Rainshow'r Crystal Ball® Bath 3000

Remove up to 100% of free chlorine. Your skin will feel healthier and look younger.

  • Safe for infants, adults and pets
  • Non Toxic
  • Replaceable filter media
  • No plumbing for fittings
  • Dechlorinates in minutes
How does the Crystal Ball Bath 3000 work?

When water coms in contact with the media filaments inside the fabric pouch, the chlorine ions in the water are converted into a harmless chloride. The toxic effects of chlorine,chloramine, and chlorine gas are eliminated with the aid of KDF Formula 73, available exclusively through Rainshow'r.

How to use the Crystal Ball Bath 3000

You dechlorinate your bath water by placing the Crystal Ball into the tub and pulling it through the water with the attached 12-inch cord for a few minutes. As chlorinated water flows through the filament the dissimilar metals in the KDF,(copper and zinc), create a galvanic or electrolytic reaction which causes the two chlorine ions to form a harmless chloride. It changes  the chlorine from an element into a harmless compound.

Additionally, Quartz crystals are mixed with the media filaments and help "energize" the wter by reducing the water's surface tension, thereby giving an increase in sudsing and lathering of soaps and shampoos. The water feels "lighter".

Give you and your family  the benefit of an "chlorine free" bath!  Filter lasts approximately 200 baths . Replacement media pouch RB-3000 cost is $26.20. Free Shipping is included!

We're so sure your going to love using the Crystal Ball Bath 3000, it  comes with Better Water Store's unconditional "no hassle" 60 day money back guarantee!