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Hey, just a quick note.  Ever like to get a little more in depth explanation on how different water purifying systems work?  We found a niffy little site that gives a clear and simple explanation of the various types of home water filtration  systems available. Jump over to waterpurifyingsystems.net and check it out!

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Better Water Store is proud to announce that we have added Jupiter Water Ionizers to our product line up. Jupiter is the #1 selling water ionizers on the market. Their technology and quality manufacturing is the reason that Better Water Store is pleased to add this wonderful product.

Don’t know what a water ionizer is?  Go to our main website and read about water ionizers. These machines may truly be “the fountain of youth”.

A great book to read about this alkaline antioxidant  water  and alkaline diets is “The pH Miracle:balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Robert Young.

As always, Better Water Store offers a 60 day money back guarantee that you will enjoy this great product.

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The water that is supplied to homes through taps may not always be fit for drinking. Also, it may not be safe for other routine activities that it is likely to be put to use for, like bathing and cooking, as several studies have demonstrated. Whole house filtration systems are being acquired by a number of people, on account of that. They, obviously, wish to ensure the safety of not only their own health, but that of their families as well. Every source of water in the house can provide safe water, once such a filter is installed, at a cost that is much lower than that of bottled water.

There is a considerable amount of improvement in the home’s air quality, overall, since the chemicals that are present in the water as contaminants, such as chlorine, are removed from it by the filters and, therefore, are not let out into the household. Clothing is protected against being embedded with contaminants contained in tap water, while laundry is being done, since clean and fresh water is provided for the entire family.

In the long run, the amount of cleaning that has to be done in the house gets reduced considerably after the installation of a  house filter. This can include the work required to clean deposits left behind by unclean water in the kitchen, the bathroom as well as on the dishes and other utensils used for eating or for storing food.

The shower can also have a consistent supply of clean water, when a whole house filter is in use. The risk of being afflicted with serious diseases can be reduced considerably when water free of harmful chemicals is used for bathing. The shower stream has chemicals that tend to be inhaled and can cause harm or these may enter the blood-stream through the skin, on account of absorption, when tap water is used for taking showers. Cancer may be caused, in addition to respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma, because of that.

Since protective oils of the natural kind are removed from the skin by chlorine, the softness of the hair and skin can be retained if the water used for bathing is sourced from filtered source. Similarly, while washing dishes or while bathing, one is protected against the air being filled with harsh chemicals that may irritate the respiratory system, through the use of such filters. Those suffering from allergies stand to benefit in a major way from that.

House water filters can prove to be effective protection against contaminants in the water supply, if the facility for treatment of water in the local area develops a fault. In addition to contaminants of the chemical kind, bacteria that could be of harm are also removed from the water by such filters. The plumbing system of the house is likely to remain completely free of such chemicals and bacteria, if a whole house water filter is in place.

Not only is pure and safe water provided by a outside filter, but the kind of clutter that there may be caused in a kitchen where a countertop filter is installed is also not there in the case of such a filter. The whole house water filter performs its functions effectively while remaining largely unseen. The taste of the water provided by it after filtration is also much better than that of tap water, since chlorine and other such chemicals that may affect taste are removed.

The advantages as well as disadvantages of installing a filter can be gauged from the evaluation of information such as the facts that have been discussed here. There is, obviously, a lot of effectiveness and convenience that the use of whole house water filters can provide. Each and every source of water in the house can dispense clean and pure water, once such a filtration system is in operation.

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Dallas Morning News reported this morning that traces of a anti-anxiety medication meprobamate were found in the water of Arlington,Texas.

City officials also found trace concentrations of five other pharmaceuticals-two anti seizure medications, one pain reliever, one antibiotic and one minor tranquilizer.

AP reported that trace concentrations of pharmaceuticals have been found in 24 major U.S. cities affecting 41 million Americans.

Better Water Store recommends the Consumer Digest “Best Buy” Aquasana AQ-4000 Counter Top Water Filter as one way to combat this growing epidemic of water impurities in our drinking water. This water filter is top rated and certified by the California Department of Public Health Services.

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